The Compostbiotic Network

The Compostbiotic Network is a turnkey solution and community for local, resilient and nimble micro-grids that will make up the future circular energy and food economy. If you generate, transport, or digest organic waste, we want to talk to you.  From hauler to farmer, institution to anaerobic digester, we are the glue that makes the future of power generation work at a small and local scale.  We aren’t a company, we’re a group of renewable energy zealots who only promote and enable the best in the industry.

Impact Bioenergy

Impact Bioenergy™ was formed in 2013, to construct and deliver the best bio-conversion technologies and services available, to empower communities by making renewable energy and soil products locally through organic materials recycling. The old mind-set that exporting waste to regional processors and large facilities wins by economy of scale is not the ideal model anymore. We are focused on proving that a new model of local energy, recycling, and food production can be connected in a real and powerful way.

Eco Safe Zero Waste

EcoSafe’s vision is to design and manufacture products and innovative solutions that help waste generators maximize organic waste and recyclable diversion from landfill.  Their high-quality products and unwavering commitment to customer service bring value and help maintain long term relationships with their distribution partners who service these waste generators.  EcoSafe is pioneer in stadium, multi-resident and other organic waste diversion frontiers.

Mindful Endeavors

Mindful Endeavors is a research hub for sales automation, networking, influence and consulting that is active in the renewable energy space.  We’re small, effective, and connected.  We help you find the right partners that are aligned with your values who also help your bottom line.



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