About Us

We are a group of highly motivated organic feedstock (aka “waste”) experts.

The next epoch of human existence will be defined by regenerative practices. Any observation of our environment’s condition leads many of us to a place of anxiety and urgency regarding our human footprint.

Taking methane out of the atmosphere and treasuring our organic feedstocks, rather than treating them like trash, is what we are all about.

It is also no secret that large centralized organic waste processing and power production is not the exclusive way of the future.

Our team is about small, local, regenerative and highly distributed, autonomous micro-grids that support one another. We are also dedicated to helping you monetize what you have.

We coordinate community digester solutions:

Whether it is assisting with financing, PPA (power purchase agreements) with your local PUC (public utility commission) or legal frameworks for co-digesting, we have your back.

We assure vendor alignment so that your industrial, farm, hauler, and institutional partners work in harmony. A beautiful local circular economy that extracts energy and regenerative soil amendments from what might have otherwise gone to a landfill, polluted your groundwater and contributed to human induced methane into the atmosphere.

Why do it wrong, when doing it right is so much easier, smarter and saner.

Interested? We’d love to hear from you.

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