There Is No Planet B

Mike Berner’s Lee said it best. Why wait. We can’t afford to emit more methane, throw away free energy or deplete our soil. So let’s not. If you are a hauler or large organic waste producer, let’s talk. Odds are we have people and farms near you ready to help you with your waste stream, all while capturing methane and making soil amendments.

What We Do

You’ve Got Organic Waste

You are a brewery, food processor, institution, hauler, composter, or Green New Deal warrior.

But you are tired of windrow composting, and … you want to capture methane, not emit it.

Or… you are tired of tipping fees – you want your own electricity, soil amendments and income.

We Know These Guys

We take your vision and make it into a business by partnering you with a nearby farm.

Your food waste, animal waste, or most any manageable organic waste stream is gold.

We know it, you know it. So we convert it into gold (gas or electricity) for you.

We Set These Up on Farms

Feedstock acquisition and consistency is tough.

Getting uncontaminated feed stock is even tougher.

We know this. We work along side you to ensure that you are part of a network of micro-grids, smart organic waste diversion efforts and power generation.


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Make money, save the planet, and produce award winning soil amendments.


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Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Ugh, tipping fees. Don’t get me started.”

When I launched my business I knew I was doing good. I didn’t know I could do better, … much better.

Saul L.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I want all three legs of the income stream.”

I’m all for saving the planet, but I’ll do that while earning the collection money, power production and pellet sales.

Sally M.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“Thank you Compostbiotic”

You stuck your neck out for us and it was worth it. Nothing beats having partners aligned for a circular economy.

Michelle N.